This section outlines the business activities of Liberal Logic, Inc.

Software development

At the core of our business is software development. From desktop software with user interfaces that are directly used by system users to firmware that runs invisibly inside equipment, we have fostered a unique software development culture based on our extensive experience and knowledge.

Provision of information processing equipment

Hardware, as typified by computers, is indispensable for software development in our core business. When it is necessary to provide information processing equipment at the same time, depending on the characteristics of the system, we provide the market with software embedded in the hardware, and many customers have expressed their satisfaction.

Software online sales

Some of the deliverables of our core business, software development, are available for purchase online. Today, people are less likely to go to the store to buy software packages. We are working to provide a new generation of convenience as we seek to connect with new markets.

Technical Consulting

To begin with, consulting is not our core business. In extremely rare cases, we do provide consulting services to our valued partners. This service is available only to clients with whom we have had a working relationship for more than 10 years.


Latest Works

We are an indepedent software vendor.

DSP island

Simplify complex DSP systems with infinite connectivity


Reliable recording and playback system that greatly reduces the operational burden

Arena Performer

Horizontal LED display video playout software dedicated to large stadiums


US GUI is the dedicated control software for the US series switchers manufactured by IMAGENICS.

Digital Signage Assistant

Digital Signage Assistant is content-binding software created to maximize the functionality of the display's built-in media player.

MIMO DSP Platform

MIMO DSP Platform is a research and development platform ideal for video algorithm development.


Video placement and rendering software that greatly expands the possibilities of video delivery in digital signage environments.


LCD Screen Image Generator is a command-line tool to generate an LCD screen image, just as the name says.

16K Media Server

Live Action Background Virtual Production Maximum Resolution Ultra-wideband media server capable of up to 16Kx8K in Unity Crescent 16K Ultra Media Server


The professional audio file mixing tool for the industrial content making workflows