About Us

Company Profile

Corporate Name: Liberal Logic Inc.
Established: December 1st, 2020
Capital: 10,000,000 JPY (As of 29th May 2023)
Address: AETA 4F, 6-9-8 Hara-machida, Machida, Tokyo, JAPAN 194-0013
CEO: Shinichiro Nakamura
Business Contents:
- Planning, design, development, sales, lease and maintenance of hardware, firmware and software
- Various consulting services
Corporate Number: 2012301012365
Qualified Invoicing Business Registration Number: 2012301012365

Liberal Logic Inc. is a company with software technologies for professional audio and visual devices. We have a variety of core technologies that are necessary to make things happen with audio and visual devices, such as, real-time system technology to support the severe video production scenes, architecture designing technology to handle videos and audios smoothly with the general-purpose computer, and more. With the experience of more than 20 years of development, from audio and visual devices built-in firmware to a desktop software which users will control directly, we will provide new values to the market.

We are an independent software vendor. While our main focus is on providing software developed in-house, we also engage in joint development with partner companies that share our values. We are trying to achieve a little unique goal, which is to provide new values from various perspectives with the key phrases of 'Straightforward engineering', 'Company that make things happen with which might seems hard to do only if you code normally', 'Company that makes audio and visual devices easier to use with software'.


Through software development, we will create quality stories with our customers and restore Japan's competitive edge.


- Provide new value by leveraging design capabilities that others cannot imitate.
- To develop areas where other companies cannot and to play a pioneering role.
- To discover business relationships that other companies do not take and bring benefits to society.

Situations where we can provide value

- Situations where Liberal Logic Corporation has a position of direction in the software development of the project.
- Situations where we initiate the form of the project (design, implementation, and direction of progress) and work actively on the project.
- Situations where we are strongly desired to create new social values or values that are difficult to create for other companies.
- Situations where there is an attitude and relationship to learn and progress together through communication between both parties.

Our Work Philosophy

We value working with organizations and individuals who share our work perspective. A work perspective is, so to speak, a guideline for work progress. Whenever a difficult situation arises, we are able to overcome the difficulty with colleagues who share our work perspective. Conversely, even the simplest task will not go well with an organization or individual who does not share the same work ethic. Therefore, we need to focus on working with colleagues who share and empathize with each other's work perspective.

Work is a relationship of trust

Our work is based on trust, and work can only be done with mutual confidence. We are always looking for the best balance between client and technology. A relationship of trust cannot be established overnight. We are quietly working towards building a relationship of trust, one step at a time, day by day. We are still in the middle of a long road that has just begun, but we are happy to be able to work together with you.

To improve the human being.

No matter how good you are at your job, it is meaningless if you make the people around you uncomfortable. We, who wish to create software that is in tune with people's sensibilities, are also required to improve our human qualities. Software development is an extremely human activity, and improving people has a positive impact on software development. We nurture software as we nurture people.


We must be professionals in software development, which is our core business. This is a natural requirement, but we need to have a clear philosophy on what makes us professionals. We nurture people who can think for themselves from such a point of view, whether it is enough to simply realize what someone wants or not.

Humor and Creativity

Laughter is an essential part of our human activities. Basically, we take our work very seriously, but there will be times when a little humor is mixed in. In this day and age, there are many compliance rules and regulations, and companies are increasingly operating in a staid atmosphere. We believe that creativity lurks in humor, and we value that human quality. Where there is humor, there is creativity.

Continuous learning

It is common for us to look back today and think "there is room for improvement" on something we thought we "got done" yesterday. Through continuous learning, we continue to review the results of our work and study areas for improvement in an effort to lead to better results tomorrow. Software development never ends. It is a mysterious world that is always complete and always unfinished. Our journey in this mysterious world will continue.

Be sincere

Those of us who work in software development, which can easily become complex, are required to be diligent at all times. In a world where logic is gradually built up over and over again, always repeating "what a nonsense check," a false sense of understanding is of no use. This is why those who work in this field are expected to be sincere. We continue our cyclical activities, learning from beginning to end through our work, helping the world through our learning, and connecting our usefulness to the next opportunity.

Location Map

AETA 4F, 6-9-8 Hara-machida, Machida-shi, Tokyo, JAPAN 194-0013