Software technologies for professional audio and visual devices
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Shape the invisible.

Developing various solutions, from device built-in firmware to desktop software, with the wide experience gained in more than 20 years.

Company Profile

Liberal Logic Inc. is a company with software technologies for professional audio and visual devices. We have a variety of core technologies that are necessary to make things happen with audio and visual devices, such as, real-time system technology to support the severe video production scenes, architecture designing technology to handle videos and audios smoothly with the general-purpose computer, and more. With the experience of more than 20 years of development, from audio and visual devices built-in firmware to a desktop software which users will control directly, we will provide new values to the market.

We are an independent software vendor. While our main focus is on providing software developed in-house, we also engage in joint development with partner companies that share our values. We are trying to achieve a little unique goal, which is to provide new values from various perspectives with the key phrases of 'Straightforward engineering', 'Company that make things happen with which might seems hard to do only if you code normally', 'Company that makes audio and visual devices easier to use with software'.